Google Trends: An insight into 2018 Taipei Municipal Mayoral Elections.

By You-Jhen Liu

One of the important things in Taiwan so far is the municipal elections, which could view as the skirmish of the Taiwan Presidential election in 2020. As the capital of Taiwan, people focus on the Taipei Municipal Mayoral Elections. In this year, there are three main mayor candidates respectively from the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP), Kuomintang(KMT) and the Independent Party.

According to an analysis of the Google search on Google Trends, the current Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je from Independent Party has received the most search on Google compared to his two main competitors. The result may indicate that Ko Wen-je campaign is more familiar with using the social media to enhance its fame on the internet.

In addition, Taiwan current president Tsai Ing-wen is also the chairwoman of the DPP; therefore, it is very important for her and her party to win the elections. However, from the data (red line), it shows that DPP candidate Pasuya Yao has not yet received too much attention on the Internet, which is the same as his component Ting Shou-chung from KMT. Both of their search terms have not exceeded 25 so far.

One interesting fact, the analysis demonstrates that people in Macau, not Taipei, have searched the most of the times Ko Wen-je on the Google. Furthermore, the top 5 region searching Ko Wen-je did not include Taipei, which could indicate that Ko Wen-je is not only the most popular politician in Taiwan but also in other Asian countries.

To sum up, there are many factors to analyze the elections and the data collected from the Google search could be the suitable channel to reflect each candidate’s reputation on the Internet.


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