Google Trends: iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max is more popular?

By YouJhen Liu

Every time when Apple is about to announce its new iPhone product, it always draws people attention from around the world. It is interesting to investigate which new iPhone published this year is the most popular among the Google web search.

People in Italy has the greatest interest in new iPhone

On September 12, Apple Inc. has released the all-new iPhone, which respectively is iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, attracting the Apple fans from around the world. Based on an analysis of Google search on Google Trends, surprisingly, iPhone XS got the most-popular search from Italy’s Apple fans, followed by Japan and South Korea.

In general, about 80% of the people searched for iPhone XS and nearly 20% of the people looked for iPhone XS Max. There are many reasons to explain the phenomenon; for instance, size, spec, and especially price. When Apple announced the price of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, lots of customers complained the price is far much higher than expected.

To look closely, after the announcement of the new iPhone, the next day reached the highest search point of the keyword “iPhone XS”; however, the popularity hasn’t lasted for two days, it started to go down.

iPhone X and iPhone 8  both draw people’s attention

Compared with the last year, according to an analysis of Google search as iPhone X and iPhone 8 were introduced by Apple Inc., the popularity between them was not significantly different but both were still dramatically dropped after few days.

From these two above searching trends, we could find that Apple should try more improvements on how to arouse the customers’ curiosity to both products released at the same time.


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